Collecting Customer-related Info via Website

It has always been the endeavor of Pravasi Indians Magazine to improve customer service quality on our end, based on the feedback from our clients. Though anyone can view almost our entire site without having to submit any personal information, we gather consumer-centric information by multiple means such as

  1. Collecting the information submitted when customers register for our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as when they subscribe to our Newsletter.
  2. Collecting the information used in filling out our subscription form.
  3. We use the information collected from our Newsletter/Magazine subscribers, social networking accounts and customers to allow for return customers to be easily recognized in our system so that we can have a quicker response time for their current needs based on their experience with us in the past.
  4. Prospective customers sign up for company emails that keep them abreast of latest deals or anything new in our inventory, though if at any given point of time some of them prefer to no longer receive any communication from Pravasi Indians Magazine, they can always go for the unsubscribe option.

We scrupulously guard Customer Information/Usage of Cookies

Personal and public information related to our customers is kept on record for future communication only. We would like to clarify that

  1. We do not sell, exchange or give away this information to any other company or person outside of our company.
  2. Our topmost priority just lies in delivering the magazine at the consumer’s desired location.
  3. In no way, we ever use any information for anything other than serving our valued and esteemed patrons.

We value Customer Consent to our Privacy Policy

By using our website for any reason, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the privacy policy of Pravasi Indians Magazine. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to

  1. Contact us by sending an email to
  2. Or you may get in touch with us simply by messaging on or dialing the following Whatsapp number: